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Two Lakeshore Players productions from last season were nominated in the category “Outstanding Community Theatre Production” for the METAs – Montreal English Theatre Awards;

“You Can’t Take It With You” and “Don’t Dress For Dinner”.

While the awards may have slipped through our fingers, we are very proud of what we have accomplished. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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Sabrina Fair


November 6 – 15, 2014.



Our first production, just as it was 50 years ago, is SABRINA FAIR by Samuel A. Taylor. It tells the story of Sabrina Fairchild. Sabrina has just returned from five years in Paris. She is no longer the shy and demure daughter of the Larrabee chauffeur. She is now a confident and independent young woman who not only turns the heads of the Larrabee sons, but in short order turns the Larrabee family on its head. Sabrina Fair offers a glimpse into social rank and how appearances, desires and reality can quickly turn in the most surprising ways. Enter into the world of the super-rich and see how one spirited young woman can throw the whole works completely off the rails.



Directed by Kevin John Saylor