It’s the 1960s and Bernard, an American architect living in Paris,
absolutely adores his American air hostess fiancée, Gloria. He is also
smitten with his Italian air hostess fiancée, Gabriella. Oh, and did we
mention his affection for his German air hostess fiancée, Gretchen?
When Bernard’s friend, Robert, visits for a weekend he is stunned at how
the women’s schedules are perfectly timed so that they never cross
paths. But the new and speedier Boeing jet throws everything up in the
air. With the arrival of all three women in Paris at the same time, this
hilarious complication sends Bernard and Robert for a tailspin.
Fasten your seat belts!

 Come see why this fun farce won 2008 Tony Award for Best Revival.


Mélanie Desjardins -as- Gloria
Jeremy Glenn -as- Bernard
Theresa Knowles -as- Gretchen
Lia Ludbrook -as- Gabriella
Sylvia Mauri -as- Berthe
Sterling Mawhinney -as- Robert


Director – Steve Gillam
Producer – Joanne Miller
Stage Manager – Linda Sheshko
Assistant Stage Manager – Holli Drum
Props & Assistant Stage Manager – Gillian Gilbert
Costumes – Karen Pearce
Lighting Design – Seamus Ryan
Sound Design – Eric Sauvé

Full cast and crew bios are available here.