Ethel P. Savage has inherited $10 million from her late husband, much to the chagrin of her adult step-children. When she decides to create a Memorial Fund with the money to help realize the wildest dreams of other people, the step-children have her committed to a sanatorium so that she can come to her senses. It’s not long before Mrs. Savage becomes a part of the family at the Cloisters, and begins to question if the safe world “on the inside” makes more sense.

Don’t miss this heart-warming journey of finding the real sanity and beauty in life.


John Elliott
as Dr. Emmett

Evy Kartus-Solomon as Mrs. Paddy
Matt Langton as Jeffrey
Julie Le Couteur as Florence
Daniel Lister as Hannibal
Lia Ludbrook as Fairy May
Laura McDougall as Lily Belle Savage
Carolynn Roberts as Miss Willie
Linda Sheshko as Ethel Savage
Kosta Kokosopoulos as  Titus Savage
Wayne Saray as  Samuel Savage

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