Hello theatre lover,

COVID has come and… come again and come again… There are so many waves that we’ve all signed up for surf lessons. It looks like we’re not out of the proverbial woods yet but we’re learning to live with it.

We are in talks right now about starting our season this coming fall. COVID-19 still presents many hurdles. As far as we know there may still be a tight COVID protocol in the fall at the school where we present our shows. We aim to present the same quality productions as before but keep in mind that we may need more front-of-house staff, which is a challenge even in a good year, and our operating costs will be the same as before no matter how many audience members we are permitted to have.

The good news is that we have seen indications that audiences are ready to come back.

This may be a good time to invite you to join Lakeshore Players Dorval as a member and be part of the fun.

Thank you for your interest and keep checking this website and our Facebook page for updates.

We will play again

The Board of Directors
Lakeshore Players Dorval