Dear subscribers and fans of Lakeshore Players Dorval,

As you know the world is going through an unprecedented pandemic, COVID-19.

Our third production of the season, Lost In Yonkers, has been cast and was set to start rehearsals. We have however decided to postpone this production until next season. Our great cast and crew will return. Check back here for more info.

In these difficult times, we urge you to heed the recommendations made by the health officials and stay home and stay safe.

Take this time to:

  • call an old friend and have a chat
  • uncork that special bottle you’ve been saving
  • read a book you’ve been avoiding
  • play with your dog
  • move your furniture around for the fun of it
  • try a recipe you’ve never tried
  • wash your windows
  • go through your old pictures and write the names of the people in them
  • watch Citizen Kane (or try The Death of Stalin on Netflix, it’s actually a historical-comedy and it’s great!)
  • play cards or learn to play cards
  • try all the tea in your house and throw out the ones you don’t like
  • get rid of that awful wallpaper you can’t stand to look at anymore
  • dust off your guitar and have a sing-along (or a sing-alone)
  • go through the PICTURE GALLERY on our website and revisit all the plays you’ve enjoyed
  • tell your kids you love them and wait for them to answer first
  • learn quantum physics
  • wax your car
  • check-in on your neighbors (by calling them on the phone…)

I’m sure you can think of several more.

Until we see each other again, stay safe, wash your hands and keep them away from your face, practice social distancing, and come back and visit us for updates.

We will play again.

The Board of Directors
Lakeshore Players Dorval