Lakeshore Players Dorval
John Rennie High School

“As Bees In Honey Drown” by Douglas Carter Beane
Directed by Steve Gillam

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“As Bees In Honey Drown” is a fable for an age that chooses image over substance.  This smart, sassy, satirical comedy explores the pitfalls of our unquenchable thirst for instant fame and celebrity, and the lives of the eager almost-famous who easily become the victims of those who promise big but empty dreams.
After his first novel is published, author Evan Wyler appears in a magazine as this week’s “hot new thing”, catching the eye of the beautiful and captivating Alexa Vere de Vere who hires him to write a screenplay based on her exotic life.  Caught-up in the absolutely fabulous whirlwind that is Alexa’s life, Even is introduced to a world of lavish spending, glamorous parties, and even love.
On the brink of drowning in the alluringly sweet honey of Alexa’s world, Evan questions what is real and what isn’t.  In the end, he discovers that life is short, but art lasts forever.  No one pulls the cashmere over the eyes of a writer.
“As Bees in Honey Drown” is an award-winning play by Douglas Carter Beane, best known for the screenplay “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar”.  
A special thanks to  for providing some of our set pieces! Dentaire Turner
Stephanie VON RORETZ as Alexa Vere de Vere
Andrew McLENNAN as Evan Wyler
Megan FISHER as Amber, Backup Singer, Secretary, Bethany Vance, Ginny, A Muse
Mélanie DESJARDINS as Waiter, Backup Singer, Carla, Bodega Barb, Denise, Illya Mannon, A Muse
Chris VON RORETZ as  Photographer, Swen, Cowboy Bob, Royalton Clerk, Morris Kaden
Don FLETCHER as Ronald, Skunk, Mike
Thursday, May 11th at 7:30 pm
Friday, May 12th at 7:30 pm
Saturday, May 13th at 7:30 pm
Sunday Matinee May 14th at 2:00 pm
Thursday, May 18th at 7:30 pm
Friday, May 19th at 7:30 pm
Saturday, Matinee May 20th at 2:00 pm
Saturday, May 20th at 7:30 pm
WHERE: John Rennie High School, 501 Boul. Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 3J5

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Steve GILLAM – Director
Steve GILLAM – Director

Steve has been an active member of Lakeshore Players Dorval since 1996.  As well as working with many other community and professional companies, he has acted in 23 of our main stage plays, and served on the Board for 10 years.  He has produced, designed sets and costumes, built, painted, sewed, and glued.  He has poured drinks and swept the floor.
This is the 12th show he has directed for Lakeshore Players Dorval, the most recent one being our 2018 production of “Calendar Girls”.


Stephanie von RORETZ - Alexa Vere de Vere
Stephanie von RORETZ – Alexa Vere de Vere

Stephanie discovered her love for the stage at a very early age. She performed in many plays throughout elementary school and high school and went on to graduate from Dawson College’s Professional Theatre Program in 2010. After graduating she toured with the Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Company for four years performing adapted Shakespeare plays such as Romeo and JulietThe Taming of the ShrewMacbeth, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This is her eighth time onstage with the Lakeshore Players Dorval (although her first time performing with her brother Chris!), having performed in their past productions of And Then There Were NoneDon’t Dress for DinnerSabrina FairThe Mousetrap, Crimes of the Heart, and the META nominated production of The Miracle Worker as Annie Sullivan. She was last seen in their first ever musical Nunsense, back in 2019, and is happy to return to the stage. She hopes you enjoy the hum, the buzz, the hype, the flash and the fame! The show is fabulous! And she never uses that word!

Andrew McLENNAN - Evan Wyler
Andrew McLENNAN – Evan Wyler

Andrew is ecstatic to be back working with Lakeshore Players Dorval, in his fourth season. After finding his passion for performing arts in high school, Andrew has been participating with many community theatre groups for close to 9 years. Previous productions include, but not limited to: The Miracle Worker (Lakeshore Players Dorval), Drowsy Chaperone (Hudson Music Club), The Gondoliers (Lakeshore Light Opera), The Importance of Being Ernest (Hudson Players), and multiple shows from the Dorval Strathmore Players murder mystery dinners. Andrew is excited to be working with such a strong cast and crew this time around with As Bees in Honey Drown. Now, allow us to pull back the velvet cord, take your seat, and enjoy the show.

Mélanie DESJARDINS - Woman 2
Mélanie DESJARDINS – Woman 2

Mélanie has been with Lakeshore Players Dorval since 2013 and has performed in many of their shows. (A Comedy of Tenors, The Odd Couple Female Version, The Inspector General, Boeing Boeing, Shakespeare in Hollywood, Not Now Darling, You Can’t Take it With You). Her love for theatre expanded beyond acting to stage managing and this is her first time back on stage after 4 years. She is very thankful to be working with such a talented cast and crew.

Megan FISHER - Woman 1

Megan Fisher – Woman 1

This is Megan’s first production with Lakeshore Players Dorval, and she is thrilled to be joining such a kind and talented team. Megan has grown up in the theatre, and can be seen in many Hudson Village Theatre pantomimes (this year as Goldilocks in Red Riding Hood Strikes Back), Hudson Players clubs For The Love of Shakespeare!, countless Highschool plays at Trafalgar School for Girls, and assisting in children’s theatre at the Segal Centre. When not on stage, Megan is a student at John Abbott College in the science program. She would like to thank the incredible As Bees in Honey Drown cast and crew for this amazing production. Enjoy the show!

Don FLETCHER - Man 2
Don FLETCHER – Man 2
Christopher von RORETZ - Man 1
Christopher von RORETZ – Man 1

To answer your most pressing question, yes, Christopher is Stephanie’s dashing and humble older brother. It is actually from watching how much fun his sister has had through her many performances that Chris was drawn in to try his hand at acting. He discovered the joys of community theatre as part of four productions with the Strathmore United Church Murder Mystery Dinners which included roles as a detective and a murderous leprechaun. His involvement with the Lakeshore Players Dorval has been limited to the role of “audience member” until this show, but it did not take long for Christopher to be dazzled by the talent and dedication of the cast and production crew. Enjoy the show!


Charyl HYNDMAN - Co-Producer

Charyl HYNDMAN – Co-Producer

Charyl is very happy to be back co-producing for the 3rd time with LPD. The last two plays she co-produced were Nunsense and The Miracle Worker. She was last seen playing the part of Gert Kurnitz in the heartwarming fall production of Lost in Yonkers. Her past performances were Annie in Calendar Girls and Miss. Tipdale in Not Now Darling.  When she isn’t acting with LPD, Charyl is busy as Publicity Director for the Board. She would like to thank the talented cast, the amazing crew, and especially our wonderful director, Steve Gillam, whose creativity and enthusiasm make it so much fun.  Break a leg everybody!


Jim VOYSEY - Co-Producer
Jim VOYSEY – Co-Producer

This will be Jim’s 6th show as co-producer and second time teaming up with fellow board member Charyl Hyndman (Nunsense) and also the second time producing a show with Director Steve Gillam (Calendar Girls). Co-producer is a rather strong word in this case because, as Jim learned while working with Steve the last time, the producers’ job boils down to renting trucks, ordering Pizza and getting a cake for the cast party. But in all seriousness Jim wants everyone to know that this show is unlike anything LPD has done before and he hopes you all enjoy it as much as he did working on it.

Julia LEMIRE - Co-Stage Manager

Julia LEMIRE – Co-Stage Manager

Julia wants to thank her wonderful ‘Bees’ Cast & Crew, and a special shout out to her partners in crime, Liana & Rebecca.  This is her third production with LPD, having played on stage in Nunsense (2019), and produced for Lost In Yonkers (2022).  She has also been part of the Montreal musical theatre community for many years as part of The Lyric Theatre Singers, Unisson & Full Circle Productions.

Liana NAVROZIDIS - Co-Stage Manager
Liana NAVROZIDIS – Co-Stage Manager

This is Liana’s second time, since joining the Lakeshore Players Dorval in 2019, co-stage managing a play. She co-stage managed Lost in Yonkers (and it was such a wonderful learning experience she decided to take another crack at it).  She has previously worked the sound board on Opening Night and A Comedy of Tenors and lighting board for Nunsense -The Musical. Each production has taught her more about the world of theatre and left her wanting more. 

Rebecca CAVANAGH - Stage Manager in Training & Soundboard 
Rebecca CAVANAGH – Stage Manager in Training & Soundboard

This is Rebecca’s 2nd show with Lakeshore Players Dorval and she couldn’t be more excited. In 2019 she was Props Mistress for Nunsense.   She also did alot of plays in highschool and working in theater was her dream.  However, life had other plans and took her elsewhere.  Joining LPD is helping make that dream come true now.  Rebecca would like to thank everyone in this amazing cast and crew… but especially Steve, Julia and Liana for being so gracious and showing her the ropes!

Karen PEARCE - Costumes
Karen PEARCE – Costumes

Karen has been involved in many aspects of theatre production over the years; producer, director, choreographer but at some point in time Karen realized that costuming was a great excuse to expand her wardrobe, engage in a genetically predetermined hoarding tendency (It’s not my fault, it’s in my genes) and stay in shape (weight training!). She’s on her way to having the biggest walk-in closet on the West Island (some people call them garages). If you’re a Lakeshore Players Dorval regular you’ve probably seen Karen’s work over the past couple of years in Picasso at the Lapin Agile, The Cat’s Meow, and And Then There Were None, The Mousetrap, and Tartuffe. Karen loves to paint a picture with color, pattern and sparkle and some people say they can recognize her costumes even before reading the program (Karen hopes this is a good thing). Karen is grateful to LP for their support and yes she is still working on the biggest closet clean up ever, Westwood Storage. Any volunteers?

Sofie is very excited to be back for a second show with Lakeshore Players Dorval this spring. She much enjoyed lending a hand backstage during Lost in Yonkers with Gillian, Holli and Amy this past fall. Though “the theatre” is still somewhat new to her, she deeply appreciates all the support and encouragement provided by the director, the cast and the crew of As Bees in Honey Drown. Sofie questions why these blurbs are written in 3rd person and feels a bit like a notorious character on Sesame Street. Be that as it may, she thanks you for supporting community theatre and hopes you enjoy the show!
Amy LYON - Fly Operator
Amy LYON – Fly Operator
Amy is studying Art Literature & Communication at John Abbott College. She is a writer at heart and also enjoys the theatre. Amy became a member of Lakeshore Players Dorval in 2018 when she played a blind girl in The Miracle Worker. She loved her experience and wanted to learn more about what goes on backstage. In 2019 she operated the “Fly” for Nunsense, The Musical.
Kevin CONFORTI - Lighting Designer
Kevin CONFORTI – Lighting Designer

Kevin is a graduate and the current Technical Director of the John Abbott College Professional Theatre Program. Selected credits include: Lighting Design for The Great Gatsby (Hudson Players’ Club), Tartuffe (Lakeshore Players Dorval) and A Song of Fiction (KaleidoscopeMTL), Lighting and Sound Design for Counting Aloud and Abigail/1702 (Persephone Productions), Stage Manager for The Shape of Things (Not A Real Theatre Company), Stage Manager and Costume Lighting for Captain Aurora (KaleidoscopeMTL), and Set Designer and Costume Lighting for Capitain Aurora II (KaleidoscopeMTL).

Holli DRUM - Assistant Stage Manager
Holli DRUM – Assistant Stage Manager
Holli, a Lakeshore Players Dorval lifetime member, has enjoyed working backstage with her team member Gillian for many, many productions. Holli works with seniors and Girl Guides as well as being part of the backstage crew.
Gillian GILBERT - Assistant Stage Manager
Gillian GILBERT – Assistant Stage Manager

We’re back! Originally from the U.K. Gillian began her love of theatre in plays and rock bands (notably with Steve Hackett/Genesis). In Canada she was a singing serving wench at Festin du Gouverneur and joined Mont Royal Operatic Society. Over the years Gillian has absolutely loved being involved with Lakeshore Players Dorval on stage – Calendar Girls, Shakespeare in Love and Jane Eyre, and backstage with my good friend Holli. She would like to thank all the wonderful cast and crew for making theatre such a rich and rewarding experience. Please continue to support community theatre – it is so much better than Tik Tok!

Eric SAUVÉ - Sound Designer
Eric SAUVÉ – Sound Designer

Hi. You know my story. I design sound that needs to be designed in order to set the right mood at the right moment in the play. I’ve done that for many more than four productions (which is as high as I can count). Coughing and other undesirable noises are not my fault. Some stuff you just can’t control.

The Westwood Boys - Set Construction
The Westwood Boys – Set Construction

Thanks to the relentless work of John MacNAIR, Don FLETCHER, Derek FLETCHER, Roman SOUKHAREV, Vince SONDERMEYER, Gary LYON, Tom DiSANDOLO, Dave INGLIS, Eric SAUVÉ and the incomparable Bill FLETCHER for the wonderful set.