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Lakeshore Players Dorval have been providing quality community theatre for 50 years. We are very proud of our rich heritage and we like to share it with our audience. This gallery is an ongoing process where we hope to provide as much information as we can muster and we will be updating it constantly. Feel free to browse through the albums and remember decades of your favourite moments.

Please click on an image below to select the decade or season of your choice.  

Arms and the man

To the 60s album

A Servant of Two Masters

To the 70s album


To the 80s album

Tons of Money

To the 90s album

The Foursome

To the 00s album

Steel Magnolias

To season 2010-11

Jane Eyre

To season 2011-12

The Butler Did It

To season 2012-13

Don't Dress For Dinner

To season 2013-14

Sabrina Fair

To season 2014-15

Shakespeare In Hollywood

To season 2015-16

The Inspector General

To season 2016-17

To season 2017-18


To season 2018-19