Lakeshore Players Dorval is lucky and eternally grateful for all the enormously talented people who donate their time and effort to bring you all our productions.

This is their story.



Kevin John Saylor has been involved with the Lakeshore Players for many years as both an actor and director. He was first seen performing in The Miser, followed by Enchanted April, and then Fools. His previous directing credits with Lakeshore include The Importance of Being Earnest in 2010 and Jane Eyre in 2012. Kevin studied at the State University of New York from where he holds both a BA and MA in Theatre, he is a graduate of the Professional Theatre Program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and he holds a Diploma in Education from McGill University. Mr. Saylor has also been decorated with the Meritorious Service Medal by the Governor General of Canada for his contributions to theatre. He has directed and performed with the Montreal West Operatic Society, the Lyric Theatre Singers, and with the Rialto Theatre. For the past twenty years, he has been the Artistic Director of the Turtle Island Theatre in Kahnawake, QC. Kevin currently teaches secondary History, English, and Drama, and is the owner and Artistic Director of the                                                                                                                                  Royal Theatre Thousand Islands in Gananoque, Ontario.

CATHERINE SAVOIE / Sabrina Fairchild

Since graduating in musical theatre from Lionel-Groulx College in 2009, Catherine has appeared every year as Pauline in Théâtre Exaltemps’ Christmas production, Noël 1933. She also sang in its two cabarets, and co-signs the lyrics of their new musical, Peau d’âne, la princesse sans nom, in which she also plays the title role. In 2010, she got a first role in Belle Lurette’s production of the operetta Madame and was part of the ensemble in La Grande Duchesse de Gerolstein. In September 2012, she played the title role in the workshop of the musical The Virgin Courtesan by Frayne McCarthy and Blair Thomson. She produced and took on the role of Margaret Schwartz in the play The Triangle Factory Fire Project by La Machinerie in October 2013. She plays Anna in Persephone and Centaur Theatre’s production of the musical Spring Awakening in October 2014. She currently takes on camera acting classes with Straeon Studios.




Christine has been with Lakeshore Players since 1992 and is extremely pleased to once again be hitting the boards of the main stage. She’s participated in many aspects of many productions from Café to Second Stage to Main Stage. No longer of an age to take on the young ingenue, she is excited to be taking on a more mature role. She is looking forward to working with the talented cast and crew of Sabrina Fair and to be a part of Lakeshore Players Dorval’s 50th Anniversary season.

CLIVE BREWER / Tom Fairchild

Clive has made many appearances with Lakeshore Players, the most recent having been in last season’s Rehearsal for Murder, and is delighted to be back again in this production. Some favourite past roles include Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing and Graham in Talking Heads for Hudson Players Club, Frank Strang in Equus for Village Scene Productions, John Malcolm in Separate Tables and Grandpa Vanderhof in You Can’t Take It With You for Lakeshore Players, Polonius in Hamlet for Persephone Productions, and Chandebise / Poche in A Flea in Her Ear for Hudson Village Theatre.

MATT LANGTON / David Larrabee

Matt is delighted to be back with the Lakeshore Players Dorval for their 50th season! After appearing in last year’s You Can’t Take It With You, his other favorite shows include And Then There Were NoneMary Poppins. Film/TV: Blue Mountain StateAfter The BallFatal Vows. You can also see him in the final season of TVA’s hockey drama Lance et Compte as The Hoss Mike Smith when it premieres in the spring. He wishes to thank this wonderful cast and crew for their hard work and dedication. Enjoy the show!




LINDA SHESHKO / Julia Ward McKinlock

Now in her sixth year with Lakeshore Players Dorval, Linda has had a wonderful time playing Miss Prism in The Importance of Being Earnest, the psychic Helga Ten Dorp in Deathtrap, Mrs. Goodman and Mrs. Ince in The Cat’s Meow, and Mrs. Kirby in You Can’t Take It With You. With the Hudson Players’ Club, she played Mrs. Morgan in Donna Byrne’s The Widow Schwartz and Lady Antonia in Much Ado About Nothing. Last spring, she also had the pleasure of playing Mrs. Used in Dorval Strathmore United Church’s murder mystery dinner theatre comedy, Murder at Frownton Abbey. When she’s not hamming it up on stage, Linda delights in choral singing, Tai Chi, gardening, reading, and best of all, grandmotherhood.





For the past four years, Sabine has taken over different tasks backstage from running the light and sound board, to assisting with costume design, costume changes, make-up and production (The Real Inspector Hound season 2011-2012). She is now pleased to tackle the board again. Enjoy the show!




DIDIER DUBOST / Paul D’Argenson

Originally from Paris, France, Didier makes his Lakeshore Players stage debut in Sabrina Fair. The cast was looking for someone with a real Parisian accent and Didier is happy to be part of the 50th season! Didier has also acted over the past several years in the Dorval Strathmore Players’ annual murder mystery dinner shows. He is most grateful to Lakeshore Players Dorval for this opportunity!




JEREMY GLENN / Linus Larrabee Jr.

Jeremy joined the Lakeshore Players Dorval family in 2009, and has since worked backstage on a number of productions including Twelve Angry Jurors, Steel Magnolias and You Can’t Take it With You, as well as being on stage in The Importance of Being Earnest, Having Hope at Home, Bedtime Stories, Jane Eyre and most recently as Charlie Chaplin in The Cat’s Meow. Outside of the world of performing arts, Jeremy is a project manager for Groupe BC2, a landscape architecture firm. He would like to thank the entire production team of Sabrina Fair, especially the crew, for all the hard work that rarely gets its proper recognition. Enjoy the show!





Sharon joined Lakeshore Players Dorval last year, making her debut appearance as Rheba in You Can’t Take it With You, and she is thrilled to be returning for the 50th season. An MSOPA alumna, Sharon has enjoyed collaborating on numerous projects with many great artists. Other credits include Loretta/Police officer in LP’s production of Rehearsal for Murder, Brenda in The Question is Why, Diandra in Female Domination, Karen in A Song from a Bridge to Your Heart and Guard #2 in Robin Hood: There Will be Tights (all MSOPA Expresso-Theater). Sharon would like to thank her family and friends for their continued love and support, her teachers and mentors, her fellow cast members, Kevin, Jo-Ann, Marian, Julie, Joseph and the entire LP team.





Stephanie is a graduate of Dawson College’s Professional Theatre program where she performed in productions such as The Crucible by Arthur Miller, and Escape from Happiness by George F. Walker. For the past 4 years she has been on tour with the Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Company doing plays such as Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, Macbeth, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her past credits with the Lakeshore Players Dorval include And Then There Were None, and last season’s Don’t Dress for Dinner. This is her third production with Lakeshore Players Dorval and she is honored and excited to be performing in the first play they ever did 50 years ago. She loves working with the Lakeshore Players Dorval and wishes all the cast and crew a wonderful run!




STEVE GILLAM / Linus Larrabee Sr.

Steve is a longtime member of Lakeshore Players Dorval: actor, director, designer, and current president. This is his twenty-first role in one of our mainstage shows (including last season’s Don’t Dress For Dinner), and the fourth time he has played a father (Opera Comique, There Goes The Bride, and Twelve Angry Jurors). Having directed Kevin Saylor twice (Enchanted April and Fools), he is grateful to finally have the chance to be directed by this creative and insightful man. Besides Lakeshore Players Dorval, Steve has also worked with Hudson Village Theatre, the Montreal Fringe Festival, and the Dorval Strathmore Players’ annual murder mystery dinner show.




ALEX SMITH / Stage Manager/Lighting Designer

Alex is a Montreal-based lighting designer, stage manager and playwright. Select recent credits include Robin Hood (Geordie Productions), Richard III (Metachroma Theatre), Spring Awakening (Persephone Productions), Bhopal (Teesri Duniya Theatre). A devoted associated artist of Title 66 Productions (Ludwig & Mae, The History of the Devil), Alex is also the resident
lighting designer of St. George’s School of Montreal.

GILLIAN GILBERT / Stage Assistant

Originally from the U.K., Gillian enjoyed a misspent youth playing in rock bands (notably with Steve Hackett of Genesis). In Canada, she appeared at Le Festin du Gouveneur and the Mount Royal Operatic Society playing various contralto roles. As a member of LPD, she has appeared in Jane Eyre and has enjoyed her numerous roles including props, script assistant, costumes, assistant stage manager, and all the magical mysteries of life backstage. In this 50th Anniversary year, Gillian wishes to thank the entire organization for making theatre such a welcoming part of her life. Cheers to all backstage buddies, cast & crew.




JULIE LE COUTEUR / Another young woman/Co-Producer

Julie is glad to return to Lakeshore Players Dorval after being the stage manager for Rehearsal for Murder. She has been acting and dancing since she was young and made her stage debut in her church’s Christmas play. Julie last appeared on stage as Charlotte in the Dawson Theatre Collective’s production of Beyond Therapy. She has also been taking social dance lessons for the last decade and competed at the Boston Tea Party (Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing) in 2011. She has had so much fun with this group of talented individuals and hopes that you will all enjoy the show.




JOE DINEEN / Co-Producer

Originally from New Jersey, Joe has only been with Lakeshore Players Dorval for 5 years, though he has quickly become a popular member both on and off stage. He was last seen in this season’s You Can’t Take It With You, playing the role of Mr. De Pinna, and our patrons will also recall seeing Joe in past main stage productions of And Then There Were None (2013), Fools (2009), and Don’t Dress for Dinner (2014) as well as in the Lakeshore Players Dorval Café in The Accidental Death of a Salesman. Joe has also appeared in two of the very popular holiday pantomimes out at Village Theatre in Hudson, playing Granny in Little Red Riding Hood and Madame Twanky in Aladdin.




KAREN PEARCE / Costume Designer

Karen has been involved in many aspects of theatre production over the years; producer, director, choreographer but at some point in time Karen realized that costuming was a great excuse to expand her wardrobe, engage in a genetically predetermined hoarding tendency (It’s not my fault, it’s in my genes) and stay in shape (weight training!). She’s on her way to having the biggest walk-in closet on the West Island (some people call them garages). If you’re a Lakeshore Players regular you’ve probably seen Karen’s work over the past couple of years in Picasso at the Lapin Agile, The Cat’s Meow, and last year’s And Then There Were None. Karen loves to paint a picture with color, pattern and sparkle and some people say they can recognize her costumes even before reading the program (Karen hopes this is a good thing). Karen is grateful to LP for their support and yes she is still working on the biggest closet clean up ever, Westwood Storage. Any volunteers?




HOLLI DRUM / Assistant Stage Manager

Holli has been a member of Lakeshore Players Dorval for 22 years, working either Front Of House, props, costumes, Assistant Stage Manager, as well as being Stage Manager on several Café theatre productions. That’s involvement in well over 50 plays! Holli’s favorite production was Count Dracula in 1988. But what she loves most about Lakeshore Players Dorval are the friendships backstage with cast and crew.




BILL FLETCHER / Production Manager

Bill is a Lakeshore Players Dorval veteran, coming to the group in 1995 for a role in My Three Angels. Bill has been doing set work with the group since the 2000 season and has been the Production Manager (Mechanical set design, construction, set-up and tear-down) on 27 Lakeshore Players Dorval productions. He was last seen on the Lakeshore Players stage as Moon in The Real Inspector Hound.

DANIEL SUP / A young man

Daniel is a returning member and glad to be back! He always enjoyed the Lakeshore Players Dorval community and has fond memories of past shows. You may have seen him in his debut role in Run for Your Wife as the reporter, followed by the rebel in Beyond Therapy, and then as the Casanova in Enchanted April. Daniel has also worked with Hudson Village Theatre, has appeared in a few television commercials/documentaries in his younger days. More recently, he is honoured to be appearing in his fourth Dorval Strathmore Players murder mystery production in Spring 2015. Wishing everyone a great 50th season!




MICHAEL BRODERICK / Another young man

Michael has from a very early age displayed a great interest and ability for taking on different personas. Following some film and television work, he made his theater debut in Village Scene Productions’ My Big Gay Italian Wedding. He is most grateful to Lakeshore Players for this opportunity and for their support in this collaboration. He hopes to continue to bring his passion to the stage.

JO-ANN PINE / Script Supervisor

Well, what can be written about Jo-Ann? A member of LPD since 1997, she has been Script Assistant for an incredible 22 plays, a board Member, Front of House manager, costume designer, hair stylist to the LP stars, and green room caterer extraordinaire! She is one of the extraordinary members of LPD that guarantees our continued success after 50 seasons!

ERIC SAUVÉ / Whatever is left lying around or thrown in his cage

Eric has been hanging around Lakeshore Players Dorval begging for scraps since 2010. He gobbles up whatever he can scrounge and goes looking for more. Up to now he’s devoured Bedtime Stories, The Cat’s Meow and a few Café Theatres. He has feasted on several Dorval Strathmore Players Murder Mysteries and he has digested sound design on more shows than he can remember. Honestly, we think he is starting to look a little too well fed these days.

Please don’t feed the beast.