One hotel suite, four tenors, two
wives, three girlfriends, and a soccer
stadium filled with screaming fans.
What could possibly go wrong? It’s
1930s Paris and the stage is set for
the concert of the century – as long
as the producer can keep his Italian
superstar Tito Merelli and his hotblooded
wife from causing chaos.
Prepare for an uproarious ride, full
of mistaken identities, bedroom
hijinks, and madcap delight.


Genti BEJKO – Director/Set Design
Genti (alias Gent) Bejko is an Albanian/Canadian director, actor, playwright and producer. During his career in Albania, he directed, produced, created or wrote, and/or acted in more than 15 theatrical plays, four ongoing television comedies, and more than five short feature films. He has also trained many new-generation Albanian comedians who continue their successful careers with the Albanian national broadcaster. Genti settled in Montreal in 2015 and has worked mostly as an actor in different stage plays and movies in both Canada and the U.S. A Comedy of Tenors is his first Canadian stage production as director, and he is grateful to Lakeshore Players Dorval for the opportunity. Being close to the airport, this production is a great jumpstart to his Canadian directorial career!



John WILSON – Henry Saunders
John started singing in church choirs at a young age but his love of theatre started in high school with his first role in The Teahouse of the August Moon. He then joined The Fossils and was part of The Fossils Review for 10 years. John’s theatre credits include Infinitheatre’s Montreal Idol (Rosa Mafiosa). He then joined the Hudson Music Club, where he performed in The Music Man (Mayor Shinn), Beauty & The Beast (Narrator, Baker, Menu), 42nd Street (Abner Dillon), the META Award-winning Oklahoma! (Andrew Carnes), Still In The Mood (Joe the Bartender), Cole & Company (Bass Singer), Radio Broadway (Singer), A Tribute To ABBA (Zen), Into The Woods (Narrator, Old Man, Female Giant), Once Upon A Mattress (King Sextumus), and last year’s The Drowsy Chaperone (Felzieg), the last three productions all nominated for METAs. John is thrilled to be part of A Comedy Of Tenors, his first appearance with Lakeshore Players Dorval. He would like to thank his family and friends for their support.

Sterling MAWHINNEY – Max
Sterling is delighted to once again tread the boards in a Lakeshore Players Dorval show, most recently appearing as Michael Craig in the LPD production of Opening Night. Other selected credits include Rodney in 7 Stories and Bill in Lion in the Streets, both for Tableau D’Hôte Theatre, and Juan in Segal Centre’s Man of La Mancha. He also recently played multiple characters in the Geordie Theatre holiday production of It’s a Wonderful Life. Please sit forward and enjoy the show.

Lisa McCORMACK – Maria Merelli
Lisa is honoured and thrilled to be performing in her fourth LPD production in three years, having appeared in Tartuffe (Elmire), Rough Justice (Jean Highwood) and Opening Night (Cilla Fraser). She also had the privilege of playing The Jester in Hudson Music Club’s META-nominated Once Upon a Mattress in 2018. She’d like to take this moment to thank the incredible unsung and unseen heroes that move mountains and volunteer countless hours to help bring these stories to the stage show after show, year after year. If you have never taken part in bringing a production to life (be it performing, producing, stage managing, set construction, I could go on), then you cannot fully appreciate the amount of effort these amazing people put forth, away from the spotlight. Intrigued? Ask us how you can get involved! A shout-out to my two amazing angels, Kayla and Reilly, who have to put up with my shenanigans and crazy schedule while I’m working on a show. You are my heart, my life and my inspiration! Now, sit back and prepare to laugh!

Eric SAUVÉ – Tito Merelli
Being born in Little Italy and having Latin blood, Eric has always been in love with the opera. At a young age, he could be found sneaking into Place des Arts and listening to the operas from the rafters. He was eventually found out and put to work cleaning the horns on the Viking helmets. Eric started to sing professionally and did quite well, becoming known for his bel canto singing in pre-Aida Verdi roles and Puccini works such as La Bohème, Tosca, Turandot, and Madame Butterfly. He was scheduled to tour with Pavarotti in the late 90s but Luciano suffered a bowel incident and canceled the tour. You can find Eric’s latest album, “Lying is Such Sweet Sorrow”, on iTounes and at Blockbuster Video outlets everywhere.

Mélanie DESJARDINS – Mimi Merelli
This is Mélanie’s sixth year with Lakeshore Players Dorval. She took a small break from the stage to work backstage as assistant stage manager for the last two shows (Nunsense, The Musical and Opening Night) and is glad to be back on stage for this show. In the past, you may have seen her as Alice in You Can’t Take it With You (2013), Janie McMichael in Not Now, Darling (2015), Puck in Shakespeare in Hollywood (2015), Gloria in Boeing Boeing (2016), Mary in The Inspector General (2016) and Sylvie in The Odd Couple, Female Version (2018). She is thrilled to be working with such a fun cast and crew.

Don FLETCHER – Carlo Nucci
Don has been a member of Lakeshore Players Dorval for the past 15 years, usually found behind the scenes building sets, which is incredibly fun. (You should get in touch with Lakeshore Players Dorval and find out how to volunteer.) Not having appeared in a show since LP’s 2008 production of Silver Dagger, Don has found his way back to the stage in the last couple of seasons, first in the Lakeshore Players Dorval – Hudson Players Club Improv Challenge and, more recently, playing Richard Hyde-Finch in last season’s Opening Night.

Susan CORBETT – Tatiana Racón
Susan studied Theatre Performance at York University and has performed in a gamut of projects over the years, including film, television, commercials, and, the purest form of performance, theatre. An empty-nested mother of two boys, Susan is partly filling the void by returning to her original passion. She was last seen in “The Chat” drinking Sauvignon Blanc… Ha! But seriously… last seen as Chris in Rumors at Hudson Village Theatre and as Maggie in d² productions Montréal’s The Shadow Box. Grateful to be working with Genti Bejko and thrilled to be making her Lakeshore Players Dorval debut, she has had a wonderful time getting to know the Russian world (read “chocolate vodka” LOL) with Racón! Susan also collaborates in many capacities with her son, Jeremy Thibodeau, and his production company, Rubicon Pictures and Media. Independent theatre is a passionate and vibrant endeavour. Huge thanks to all who support it! We look forward to sharing A Comedy of Tenors with you. ENJOY!!

The COUCH – The Couch
Making its first appearance in the late ’70s, The Couch has been featured in a countless number of performances since, making an appearance in almost every season. You may remember it last in 2016’s The Inspector General or even as far back as 1978’s Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime. It was purchased (as in “not found in a dumpster”) to add an air of class to Lakeshore Players Dorval productions. It has succeeded flawlessly through the decades.



Sean BIRD – Co-Producer/Stage Manager
This is Sean’s second time co-producing for Lakeshore Players Dorval, but he’s been helping backstage and front-of-house for the last 10 years. He debuted on the LP stage in their 2014 production of the hilarious comedy Don’t Dress for Dinner. Prior to that, he appeared in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Sisters (Room to Grow Productions, 2015) and Whose Wives Are They Anyway? (Hudson Players Club, 2016). He has also appeared in many of the annual murder-mystery dinner theatre productions at Dorval Strathmore United Church, and several Christmas Pantos at Hudson Village Theatre. He is grateful to the outstanding cast and crew of Tenors for their commitment to bringing you the very best of community theatre. He’ll let you know after the run of the show if taking on the job of stage manager for the first time was a good idea.

Wayne SARAY – Co-Producer
This is Wayne’s third time producing for Lakeshore Players Dorval, after producing (and appearing in) The Curious Savage (2016) and co-producing last season’s Opening Night. He has appeared in two other LPD productions, You Can’t Take It With You (2013) and Not Now, Darling (2015), and has also worked with Hudson Players Club, appearing in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2015), The Great Gatsby (2016), and Samuel Beckett’s enigmatic Endgame (2017). Wayne is thrilled to share his passion for the theatre with our wonderfully supportive audience, without whom all we’d have are words on a page. He thanks his wife, Sharon, who has always encouraged him to go out and play, the amazingly talented cast and crew of Tenors, and his co-producing partner, Sean, who, in addition to stage managing for the first time, has been indispensable in helping him herd the thespian cats.

Adam WALTERS – Lighting Designer
Adam has been involved in the world of theatre since he was eight years old. Starting off as an actor, he eventually became more interested in the design aspect of the stage. He has since graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada in Production Design and Technical Arts, with a focus on Lighting Design. He has since worked with directors Alisa Palmer, Anthony Black and Djanet Sears. Adam did the lighting design for the world premiere of David Fennario’s wondrously fantastical Fessenden Follies, A Steampunk Revue at Hudson Village Theatre in 2018. He also designed the lighting for his first production with Lakeshore Players Dorval in this season’s Nunsense, and is delighted to be working on A Comedy of Tenors.

Jordan WALDER – Sound Designer
Here we go again, folks. Jordan is a Montreal-based sound designer who is always ready to bring the thunder!!! He graduated from the Professional Theatre Program at John Abbott College and the Audio Recording Technology Program at Vanier College. He also completed the Work Study Program at the Banff Centre for the Arts as a sound technician. Jordan is thrilled to be working on yet another Lakeshore Players Dorval production.

Karen PEARCE – Costume Designer
Karen has been involved in many aspects of theatre production over the years – producer, director, choreographer – but at some point she realized that costuming was a great excuse to expand her wardrobe, engage in a genetically predetermined hoarding tendency (“It’s not my fault, it’s in my genes.”), and stay in shape (weight training!). She’s on her way to having the biggest walk-in closet on the West Island (some people call them garages). If you’re a Lakeshore Players Dorval regular, you will have seen Karen’s work in Picasso at the Lapin Agile, The Cat’s Meow, And Then There Were None, The Mousetrap, Tartuffe, Calendar Girls, The Miracle Worker, and this season’s opening production, Nunsense, the first musical in LP’s 55-year history. Karen loves to paint a picture with colour, pattern and sparkle; some say they can recognize her costumes even before reading the program. (She hopes this is a good thing.) Karen is grateful to LP for their continued confidence and support.

Joyce CHABOT – Props/Décor
Joyce was last seen exiting the Lakeshore Players Dorval stage en route to the Ram’s Head pub for buns and a bottle of Bollinger as Marie in Calendar Girls. Two years later, she was found in the props room glued to a giant sunflower display wearing only a tea cozy on her head… Don’t ask! Joyce is happy to be out and about and taking part in this comedy as properties manager. This is when you look for, borrow, purchase, or make particular props for a show. Just wait and see what can be made with gelatin. Fingers crossed! Thanks to all and enjoy the show! P.S.: Someone please check the props room more thoroughly next time!

Holli DRUM – Assistant Stage Manager
Holli has been a Lakeshore Players Dorval staple for almost 25 years and a priceless member of the backstage team. She and Gillian have worked every LP production over the last several years. In her other life, Holli works with seniors and is very involved with the Girl Guides as a Brownie and Ranger leader in Dorval.

Gillian GILBERT – Assistant Stage Manager
Originally from the U.K., Gillian enjoyed a misspent youth singing in rock bands (notably with Steve Hackett of Genesis). In Canada she appeared with Le Festin du Gouverneur and with the Mount Royal Operatic Society before joining the Lakeshore Players Dorval family. Over the past many productions, Gillian has absolutely loved being part of of the Company, appearing in the fabulous Jane Eyre, Shakespeare in Hollywood, and Calendar Girls, as well as cameos in Opening Night, this season’s Nunsense, and any other play you might have blinked and missed her moments!!! Her backstage life with Holli and all the wonderful casts and crews have been a rich and rewarding experience. Please keep supporting community theatre – it’s so much better than Twitter.

Elisa MacLEOD – Assistant Stage Manager
Elisa MacLeod is a graduate of the Dawson Professional Theatre Program. She has worked extensively with groups such as The Montreal West Operatic Society and the Stratford Shakespeare School, both on stage and backstage, and is currently playing Dromio in Shakespeare Canada’s production of The Comedy of Errors. This is her third season with Lakeshore Players Dorval, having played Marianne in Tartuffe, Elaine in Calendar Girls, and Libby in Opening Night. She is thrilled to be helping out backstage on this production.

Liana NAVROZIDIS – Board Operator
This will be Liana’s third time working with Lakeshore Players Dorval. The Players trusted her with the sound board in last season’s Opening Night and recruited her to man the lighting board for this season’s opening production, Nunsense. It is a privilege and an honour to be asked to be part of this great group of talented and entertaining thespians. One of her greatest pleasures is listening to the audience react to the performance and knowing that she plays a small part in that. Thank you, Lakeshore Players Dorval, for your vote of confidence. And to our wonderful audience, enjoy the show!

Bill FLETCHER & Steve WOODWARD – Set Construction
Steve Woodward and Bill Fletcher are true Lakeshore Players Dorval veterans. Steve started set-building for LPD in the late 1980s and, after a 20-year absence, returned to the fold in 2010 and has worked on every show since then, as well as developing set designs for The Mousetrap and The Curious Savage. Bill came to LPD for a part in My Three Angels in 1995 and is still haunting the wings, serving as Production Manager on more than 30 shows since 2001.