• 1978-79 - The Runner Stumbles
2012-13 - The Butler Did It

THE BUTLER DID IT directed by Liz Truchanowicz
produced by Joseph B. Dineen & Vickie Kuchlein

2012-13 - The Cat\'s Meow

The cast of THE CAT'S MEOW directed by Jen Quinn

John Elliott as William Randolph Hearst
Jeremy Glenn as Charlie Chaplin
Tracy McKee as Marion Davies
Sterling Mawhinney as Thomas Ince
Irene Osprey as Elinor Glynn
Lesley Pahl as Margaret Livingstone
Eric Sauvé as George Thomas
Elizabeth Proulx as Louella Parsons
Peter Cook as Joseph Willicombe
Irwin Shlafman as Dr. Daniel Goodman
Linda Sheshko as Mrs. Goodman
Lia Ludbrook Grant as Celia Moore
Stephanie Coco-Palermo as Didi

2012-13 - And Then There Were None

AND THEN THERE WERE NONE directed by Juliana Kun
produced by Natalie Gafoor