Lakeshore Players Dorval is lucky and eternally grateful for all the enormously talented people who donate their time and effort to bring you all our productions.

This is their story.





Jen Quinn is a Montréal based Director who received her BFA in theatre from the University of Victoria. Jen is thrilled to be working for the Lakeshore Players again after directing The Cat’s Meow in 2013. Recent credits include: Which Is Best? (Bazooka Theatre), Chloe’s Choice (Geordie Productions), Dude, Where’s My Grilled Cheese (Theatre Sainte Catherine), 4 Girls 4 Ever (Savage Kid Theatre Co.), Field & Flight (BullPen Productions), Grapefruit (Bazooka Theatre), CHAIRS: A Parable (Bazooka Theatre), Final Girl (Sheep in Fog). Jen is a part of the Black Theatre Workshop Artist Mentorship Ensemble and is an Administrator for The Freestanding Room, where she founded and produces the ShortStanding Festival of Short Performances.




JOHN ELLIOTT / Major Metcalf

John is thrilled to be back for the eleventh time on our main stage having last appeared in 2013 as William Randolph Hearst in The Cat’s Meow. He is also pleased to be part of our 50th anniversary season especially since The Mousetrap is probably the most well-known, best liked and longest running play ever produced and is a more than fitting closer for Lakeshore Players’ very special season. He also wants to remind everyone that the murderer’s identity is a closely guarded secret by anyone who has seen the play so, “mum’s the word”!




BILL FLETCHER / Mr Paravicini

Bill came to Lakeshore in 1995 for a role in My Three Angels and is still here 20 years later. While his main occupation at Lakeshore is set construction, Bill has appeared onstage in a number of Lakeshore shows as well as in roles at Leonardo da Vinci Centre, Montreal Theatre Ensemble, Village Theatre West (Hudson), Grove Hall Hemmingford, McGill Players Theatre and, way back in the day, Lyric Theatre. Favorite roles include Candy in Montreal Theatre Ensemble’s Mice and Men, Alfieri in their production of View From the Bridge and Moon in Lakeshore’s confusing but fun The Real Inspector Hound.



DOV FRIDMAN / Christopher Wren

Being only 20 years old, Dov Fridman is one of the youngest members in this family of mice. Last seen as Ed in last year’s production of You Can’t Take It With You, Dov is excited to be a part of LP’s 50th Anniversary! He recently choreographed the sword fight scene in John Rennie High School’s production of Beauty & The Beast. Dov would like to thank his friends, family, co-workers, and Honour for all their support.




Evy Kartus-Solomon is a seasoned actor who has performed in many theatres in and around Montreal. She has also acted in numerous Lakeshore Players main stage and Cafe theatre productions. Evy is delighted to be part of the The Mousetrap cast and LP’s 50th season and feels fortunate to be working with such a talented director, cast and crew. Some favorite theatre credits include Bedtime Stories, Sinners, Enchanted April (all with Lakeshore Players ), The Odd Couple (female version – Village Theatre West), Bus Stop (Level Two Theatre), High Infidelity (Leonardo Da Vinci Centre) and Rachel at Risk (Summit Productions at The Mainline). Selected film credits include Secret Insanity (Winding Road Productions) and Fatal Vows – episode Pugh on the Investigation Discovery Channel. Evy hopes everyone enjoys the show as much as she has enjoyed taking part in it.



THERESA KNOWLES / Mollie Ralston

Theresa is excited to make her Montreal theatre debut with Lakeshore Players in The Mousetrap. Her past credits include numerous appearances in Ottawa theatre productions. Some of her favourite roles include Jane in Smash for Tara Players, Joanne in Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean for Toto Too Theatre, Jane Banbury in Fallen Angels and Veronica Cray in The Hollow for the Ottawa Little Theatre. Over the past year, Theresa has also often appeared (like a dear in headlights) on the Montreal Improv stage. Despite having obtained a degree in Theatre from York University in 2004, Theresa has held down a respectable career in corporate communications for the last decade. She’d like to thank her family and friends for their support through all of her theatrics theatrical endeavours.





Sterling is pleased to be back for another Lakeshore Players production. Sterling has previously appeared in the LP productions of The Cat’s Meow, The Real Inspector Hound, Picasso at the Lapin Agile and Rehearsal for Murder. Sterling had the pleasure of working with Jen Quinn last year in the inaugural ShortStanding Festival of Short Performances in the role of Archie in Alastair Mackay’s Grapefruit. Selected credits include Lion in the Streets (Bill) and Seven Stories (Rodney) for Tableau D’Hote Theatre, Man of La Mancha (Juan) for The Segal Centre, The Crucible (Hopkins) for Centaur Theatre and Rope (Rupert Cadell) for La Maison. Sterling is also the Publicity Director for Lakeshore Players as well as the Cultural Liaison for the Bishop’s University Alumni Montreal Chapter. Enjoy the show.




ADAM RECINE / Detective Sergeant Trotter

Thrilled, honoured, elated, grateful….none of these terms can adequately describe how Adam truly feels about being given the opportunity to portray Sergeant Trotter in Agatha Christie’s classic murder mystery The Mousetrap. This is Adam’s second appearance in a Lakeshore Players production, the first being You Can’t Take it With You, in which he played The G-Man. Adam has come a long way since then, appearing in a number of theatre productions, web series’ and films. From the very bottom of his heart, Adam would like to thank director Jen Quinn and the entire cast and crew of The Mousetrap for this wonderful experience and privilege that has been bestowed upon him. He would also like to thank his family and friends for their relentless encouragement and support as he chases his dream and follows his passion.




Stephanie is a graduate of Dawson College’s Professional Theatre program where she performed in productions such as The Crucible by Arthur Miller, and Escape from Happiness by George F. Walker. After graduating she toured with the Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Company for four years performing adapted Shakespeare plays such as Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, Macbeth, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She is currently studying tourism and hopes to start a career in the Travel Industry soon. This is her fourth production with the Lakeshore Players having been in last season’s production of Don’t Dress for Dinner and this season’s Sabrina Fair as Gretchen. She is happy to return to the works of Agatha Christie having been in the 2013 production of And Then There Were None as Vera Claythorne. She is proud and excited to be working with LP once more and wishes all the best to the cast and crew of The Mousetrap!




STÉPHANE BOUTET / Lighting Designer

In 2011 Stéphane Boutet graduated from York University’s multi-streamed and highly competitive BFA Spec. Film Production with Honours in Toronto. At York, he was able to dabble in various specialized fields such as sound mixing and recording, lighting and alternative filmmaking. While studying, he also joined CHRY 105.5 FM, York’s community radio station, as a volunteer co-host of Pride Vibes until 2013. Since moving back to Montreal, Stéphane has been working towards a career as a Lighting Technician in the film industry. The Mousetrap is Stephane’s first attempt at lighting for theatre.



TALI BRADY / Sound Engineer

Tali is delighted to be the sound designer for The Mousetrap. Also an actor and playwright, she was last seen on the Lakeshore stage as Essie in You Can’t Take It With You and you may have also heard her voice in some recent TV commercials. Some of her favourite roles include Carla in Glory Dazed, Karen in God is an Iron and The Little Prince in The Little Prince as Told by Machiavelli. As a playwright and performer her credits include Willa Scarlet in Robin Hood’s Rebellion (part of the Centaur Theatre’s Saturday Morning Children’s Series), Anne in Austen for the Attention-Impaired and Jane in her biographical solo show Afternoon Tea With Jane Austen (Audience Choice Award – FRIGID New York Festival).




Sheila can usually be found backstage running the light & sound, stage managing or doing props. Sheila co-produced Lakeshore Players production of Silver Dagger. She has appeared on stage as Mishkin in Fools, and as The Ghost in The Uninvited. Sheila is delighted to be a part of Lakeshore Players 50th anniversary season.




LISE M. FORTIN / Board Operator

Lise has been involved in community theatres both onstage and backstage for over 30 years. Among her favourite onstage roles are Linda in Les Belles Soeurs & Diane in Sister Mary Ignatius explains it all for you (UW drama dept), Snoopy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown(Great River Players) and Queen Isabella in Edward II and the title role in Macbeth (Upstage Productions). With Lakeshore Players she has worked mostly backstage, usually stage managing or operating lighting and sound boards.





Natalie joined Lakeshore Players on a whim in 2011. She produced Picasso at the Lapin Agile later that season and was forewarned on opening night that she would likely produce one show per year. Now here she is, four years in and producing a fourth play, the last for LP’s 50th season. Past credits include Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None and last season’s Don’t Dress For Dinner, as well as a brief appearance as G-Man Mac in You Can’t Take It With You. Natalie sincerely thanks everyone who helped bring this production together. She hopes you enjoy the show!




EILEEN LANGEVIN / Script Supervisor

Eileen arrived on the scene with Lakeshore Players for the production of Picasso at The Lapin Agile as stage manager. From there, she has helped out front of house on a number of plays at the coffee kiosk; she could also be found back stage and giving her hand in setting up sets and painting. At the beginning of the Lakeshore Players’ 50th year, Eileen found herself on stage for the production of Sabrina Fair, stepping into the role of A Young Woman. This was her first time on stage with Lakeshore Players, which proved to be a fun and interesting experience. However, this was not unfamiliar territory as she had taken part in other productions and improv.




DARLENE REYNOLDS / Props Mistress & Co-Set Decorator

I cannot believe that I did props the first time Lakeshore Players presented The Mousetrap back in 1997! It’s my pleasure to be part of the crew once again this time not only doing properties but co-designing the set as well. Enjoy this beloved classic, and cast, break some legs!




KAREN PEARCE / Costume Designer & Co-Set Decorator

Karen has been involved in many aspects of theatre production over the years; producer, director, choreographer but at some point in time Karen realized that costuming was a great excuse to expand her wardrobe, engage in a genetically predetermined hoarding tendency (It’s not my fault, it’s in my genes) and stay in shape (weight training!). She’s on her way to having the biggest walk-in closet on the West Island (some people call them garages). If you’re a Lakeshore Players regular you’ve probably seen Karen’s work over the past couple of years in Picasso at the Lapin Agile, The Cat’s Meow, and last year’s And Then There Were None. Karen loves to paint a picture with color, pattern and sparkle and some people say they can recognize her costumes even before reading the program (Karen hopes this is a good thing). Karen is grateful to LP for their support and yes she is still working on the biggest closet clean up ever, Westwood Storage. Any volunteers?





Mélanie is thrilled to be back with the Lakeshore Players, celebrating their 50th year, after her debut with them last season as Alice Sycamore in You Can’t Take it With You. Most recently, she played Stratyllis in Lysistrata with the Hudson Players Club, and also Janie McMichael in Lakeshore Players’ Not Now, Darling. Mélanie is very grateful to be working with such a marvelous and talented group of people.





After some thirty-five years of professional building as a cabinetmaker and scenic carpenter it is a honour and a privilege to design my first set ever. Thank you to all who volunteer their time for these productions and a special thank you to Lakeshore Players. Welcome my friend to the shows that should never end.



GILLIAN GILBERT / Assistant Stage Manager

Originally from the U.K., Gillian enjoyed a misspent youth playing in rock bands (notably with Steve Hackett of Genesis). In Canada, she appeared at Le Festin du Gouveneur and the Mount Royal Operatic Society playing various contralto roles. As a member of Lakeshore Players, she has appeared in Jane Eyre and has enjoyed her numerous roles including props, script assistant, costumes, assistant stage manager, and all the magical mysteries of life backstage. In this 50th anniversary season, Gillian wishes to thank the entire organization for making theatre such a welcoming part of her life. Cheers to all backstage buddies, cast & crew.




Lea is thrilled to be working once again with Jen Quinn, with whom she collaborated last on makeup for The Cat’s Meow. Other backstage experiences include Producer, Stage Manager, Costumes and Director. Stage credits include Fools, A Bull in a China Shop, Puss n Boots, and Noises Off. Her latest creative endeavour was the birth of her son in late 2013; she is continuing to hone her craft, one circle sing-along at a time for the toddler jet set.



HOLLI DRUM / Assistant Stage Manager

Holli has been a member of Lakeshore Players for 22 years, working either Front Of House, props, costumes, as Assistant Stage Manager, as well as being Stage Manager on several Café theatre productions. That’s involvement in well over 50 plays! Holli’s favorite production was Count Dracula in 1988. But what she loves most about Lakeshore Players are the friendships backstage with cast and crew.