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Thursday, November 10th 8pm
Friday, November 11th 8pm
Saturday, November 12th 8pm
Sunday, November 13th 2pm
Wednesday, November 16th 8pm
Thursday, November 17th 8pm
Friday, November 18th 8pm
Saturday, November 19th 2pm & 8pm

The pretty (and not so pretty) corruption, when viewed in this mirror, will have you laughing till the tears fall.Douglas Shields, Member of Council & President Emeritus, City of Pittsburgh

The Inspector General is a brash, unflattering and highly enjoyable romp through the catalog of what seems to be acceptable – but clearly crummy – political judgement across so many of our constituencies.Peter Cooke, Professor and Head School of Drama, Carnegie Mellon University


Steve Gillam as The Mayor
Joyce Chabot as The Mayor’s Wife
Mélanie Desjardins as Mary
Brian Hammond as The City Solicitor/ Elder Swensen
Konstantin (Kostas) Kokosopoulos as The Superintendent of Schools
Eric Sauvé as The Lobbyist for Medical Insurance
Paddy Cardarelli as The City Controller
Vickie Kuchlein as The Communications Director
Jim Voysey as Bobby Frick
Sharon Adams as Bobbie Frack
Simon Coté as The Police Chief
Linda Sheshko as The Hotel Manager/Mrs. Jameson
Laura McDougall as Mrs. Enright
Jeremy Glenn as The Police Sergeant/The Man in Black
Jordan Marchand as Buttermilk
William Gray as Zippo

Full Cast & Crew Bios available HERE